Subcontractor Registration Form

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Specifric Delaware Qualifications:
* Is your company a certified Delaware Disadvantage Business Enterprise?  Yes
* Is your company certified with the Delaware Office of Minority and Women Business Enterprises?  Yes
* Is your company pre-qualified with the Delaware Division of Facilities Management?  Yes
* Has your company completed a registered vendor profile with New Castle County, Delaware?  Yes
* has your company completed a registered New Castle County contractor form?  Yes

* Does your company have any other Delaware certifications?
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Specifric Trade Areas of Interest:
* Design Engineering  Yes
* Lighting System Improvements and Lighting Controls  Yes
* Energy Management Systems  Yes
* Water Conservation  Yes
* Mechanical Systems  Yes
* Combined Heat and Power Systems  Yes
* Solar PV and Renewable Energy Technologies (please note expertise below)  Yes
* Electrical Systems  Yes
* Heat Pump System Improvements  Yes
* Boiler Replacements  Yes
* Green Roofs/Roof Replacements  Yes
* Cooling Tower Replacements  Yes
* IAQ/Ventilation Improvements  Yes
* HVAC Improvements  Yes
General Qualifications
* Are you a LEED Accredited professional?  Yes
* Do you have experience in LEED Certification?  Yes
* Are you or your company registered engineers (please note current state certifications below)?  Yes

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